Ministry of Defence of Georgia
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In order to enhance defense capabilities and achieve countries’ foreign and security policy objectives Ministry of Defense of Georgia is engaged in active cooperation with NATO, allied countries and other partners states.
The key goals of cooperation are:
• Enhancing interoperability with NATO
• Education of Georgian Armed Forces personnel
• Supporting institutional reforms
• Upgrading of defensive capabilities
The Ministry of Defence of Georgia cooperates with following countries in bilateral format: US, Turkey, UK, Germany, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Hungary, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Moldova.
Throughout 2014 extensive consultations have been conducted to launce bilateral cooperation with the defense ministries of Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, Albania, Croatia and Slovakia.
The Ministry of Defence has bilateral cooperation agreements with 22 countries : US, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, France, Armenia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Hungary, Denmark, Slovakia, Moldova, Turkey, Uzbekistan.
The draft agreements of bilateral cooperation are being elaborated with the following 7 countries: Germany, Sweden, Albania, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, and Afghanistan.
In 2014 the trilateral military cooperation has been initiated between Georgia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. The Memorandum of Understanding is planned to be signed in 2015.