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26 ივლისი 2016

Ministry of Defence granted ARMY CARDS to the MoD personnel

Minister of Defence Tinatin Khidasheli together with the businessmen involved in the ARMY CARD project, granted the new salary cards “ARMY CARD” to the staff of the Ministry of Defence. As the first stage, these cards were handed out to the staff of the IV Brigade of the Armed Forces, Training and Military Education Command and the civil staff of the MoD. In the nearest future ARMY CARDS will be made for all the employees of the Ministry.

The representatives of the companies involved in the project “ARMY CARD”, including General Director of the Bank of Georgia Murtaz Kikoria and officials of the Ministry of Defence attended the event held in Vaziani. Minister of Defence addressed the company representatives and thanked them for their public engagement.

ARMY CARDS will be handed out to the military personnel step by step. As a result of cooperation between the Ministry of Defence, the Bank of Georgia and private companies, the employees of the Ministry of Defence and their families will receive discounts in dozens of companies.

The Black Sea University has a particularly important offer to the military personnel. As the Head of the University remarked, the children of the MoD employees will be able to get a 50% discount on the tuition fee for undergraduate programmes. The other companies involved in the project also have interesting offers.

As Tinatin Khidasheli said, "we began this project at the beginning of my career as Defence Minister. We have signed a memorandum with the Bank of Georgia, which took over a big part of the responsibility. In case of good will, a lot of good projects can be implemented for the Georgian Armed Forces. We called for many companies to support the military personnel and their families, especially those of the military who were wounded, injured or killed in action. Taking care of them is part of our everyday life. It is equally important to take care of the military personnel, who were, are and will be sacrificing their lives for the better future of our country and our children. 26 companies are involved in this project, and I would like to express my gratitude to all of them. I think that every company will be proud of displaying stickers on their doors with the message "Thank You for Your Faithfulness", the faithfulness to the Armed Forces and the motherland. You can find the companies in any NATO country where the message-Heroes Are Serving Here- are written on their doors. This is the way the public can demonstrate solidarity towards the military. I would like to address everyone who is not yet involved in the project to make an even a little contribution for the military fighting at the battlefield to be sure that their families are socially protected.

"Thank you for your service" and "thank you for your devotion" – these are the main messages of the Project “ARMY CARD”.

The owners          of the ARMY CARD will be able to enjoy special benefits in supermarkets, pharmacies, petrol stations, household markets, sports and recreation areas as well as in cultural and educational institutions. The idea of the project belongs to the Ministry of Defence, and was implemented with an active support of the Bank of Georgia.

The ARMY CARD is debit plastic card. It makes it possible to pay for public transport. During each payment the MoD employees and their spouses will be able to enjoy discounts at trade and service outlets.

The ARMY CARD was created exclusively for the military personnel and is distinguished with an unique design.  The card is valid for 4 years and will be handed out to the MoD employees free of charge. The implementation of another project ARMY JUNIOR is also in the process of planning. These cards will be designed for the children of the MoD staff to be able to enjoy discounts in educational and entertainment centres.